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The expertise to maximize your investment value and operating profit.

IKAA Realty Investment’s primary focus is to produce superior risk-adjusted returns for its investors. This is achieved through the identification and acquisition of underperforming residential assets with compelling locations. IRI then utilizes a combination of both cost-efficient capitalizations in executing the acquisition and implementing the capital improvement plan. This results in strong growth and value creation.

We acquire value-added real estate assets in outstanding locations and implement a business plan and operating strategy that creates significant value for our investors. We seek properties that have identifiable and correctable flaws such as physical attributes, seller financial distress and market position. Our objective is to acquire such assets at valuations that reflect the existing weaknesses and subsequently reposition and/or physically enhance the properties to realize substantial upside valuation upon sale. In short, we seek “diamonds-in-the-rough” that are fairly priced.

Understanding value, delivering results
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