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Accredited investors are encouraged to apply to explore the possibility of being a part of IREP investment fund. There are PROFITplus, VALUEplus and RENTplus investment options are available for our IREP’s with the purpose to acquire properties located in potential growth markets.

The PROFITplus assets we seek to buy typically are newer properties that may offer a predictable income and require only modest physical improvements. Our acquisition criteria include strong forecasted job and rent growth, diverse regional economies, and outstanding property location; the targeted results are attractive dividend yields with steady underlying asset value appreciation.

When acquiring VALUEplus growth opportunities, IRI’s team strives to unlock value in properties that we perceive to be undervalued. One essential IRI strategy is providing executive facilities in neglected properties to help improve the asset value. Through proactive management, redevelopment, and specific submarket selection, we aim to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns.

For RENTplus opportunities, we strive to look for values which provide our investors with reliable monthly distributions, deposited directly into their bank account, or re-invested through our DRIP (distribution reinvestment plan). When investing with us in RENTplus opportunities, you’re investing in solid, stable, 100% Canadian real estate.

When investing in TICplus opportunities program, you can be assured of totally secured investment by holding title in real property. We strive to make investments, easy for our valuable investors, and for that reason we have no minimum or maximum investment amount set for these opportunities.

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