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ROI is generated from two sources: natural equity appreciation and forced equity appreciation.

The value of a single-family property is heavily dependent on the value of comparable properties in the neighborhood. After acquiring properties that are undervalued, we maximize the properties by enhancing and add the value-added features, thereby increasing the profitability of each property, and in turn forcing the value of each property upward.

IKAA Realty Investments strives to achieve double-digit average annual returns on your investment over the life of the investment. Although the IKAA Realty Investments have achieved these levels of returns in the past for their investors, we are required to state that there is no guarantee they will be able to achieve these results in the future.

To be eligible to invest with us, you need to be 18 years of age and are able to atleast buy 1 unit worth $250 with us.

Every investor’s individual situation is different, and they will need to assess the tax implications accordingly. Before making any investment we encourage all potential subscribers to discuss the investment with their legal, financial or personal advisors.

To get started please fill out the form on our Contact Page and our investment consultant will contact you to go through the subscription process. Alternatively you can email us at info@ikaarealtyinvestments.com

Ideal term of one years with redemption privileges starting from 4th month. Locating, acquiring and rehabilitating under-valued and/or new investment properties takes time, and then it takes further time for the properties to mature. It has been our experience that these timelines work best to achieve the level of returns we strive for.

Our investors are only ever liable for the amount of their investment for the term they have choosen.

Our Investors will receive frequent updates on the status of current activities. Such updates will report on acquisitions that are in progress, rehabilitation projects we’re working on and general information about the Real estate market.
We are proponents of transparency and encourage our investors to contact us with any additional questions or concerns they might have.

There are two ways in which returns can be received:
1. Redemption – See “How do I liquidate my investment?” below.
2. Distributions – Distributions are typically issued at the end of the term. Such Distributions can be received in dollars or can be reinvested in additional units, as you see fit.

Contact your financial advisor and provide at least 60 days notice of your intention to redeem.*
* Certain Conditions Apply

Golden Horseshoe, Niagara Region, KWC Region and vicinity.

An IKAA Realty Investments is a subsidery of IKAA Inc., which is a legal entity that allows a group of investors to pool their investment money and buy multiple properties together. The properties are then value-added and/or managed by IRI.

• Real Estate is a straight-forward asset and one that most people understand. Well-selected and well-managed real estate can deliver healthy profits.
• Hassle-Free Investing means investing in real estate without any of the normal process of hunting the investment eligible properties.
• Diversification in the sense that each investor ‘owns’ a proportionate share of each property in the entire portfolio and therefore shares in the total profit with no single partner being responsible for a problem… only their small share.
• Limited Risk because the investment is a proportionate share. This ‘limits’ any single investor’s risk to the amount invested. Nothing more, ever.
• Tax Advantages can be realized in some cases, depending on an Investor’s individual situation.
• A Growth-focused investment makes most or all of its payments to investors at the end of the term. This allows more of the invested capital to work for a longer period of time and is intended to generate higher overall returns.

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