About Us

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Whether you are an institutional or a private client investor, we have investment options to meet your needs.

We are a leading family operating company. We acquire, reposition, asset manage, finance and perform construction management services on real estate projects. Since inception, we have acquired and successfully completed multiple projects.
Our vision is to be North America’s pre-eminent principal investor and asset management company focused on the residential real estate industry.

Our mission is to provide our investors with superior risk-adjusted returns by investing in real estate. Since our beginning, we believe that we owe our success – past and future – to our adherence to these principles:

  • We invest in real estate.
  • We believe that investing in residential & commercial properties will create value for our investors.
  • Our investments should not only be financially profitable but also improve the way people live, work and interact.


  • Good source of stable income
  • Attractive overall returns with moderate risk
  • Provides a hedge against inflation
  • Multiple Investment plans available
  • Investment through easy steps
  • No hidden  management or other costs applicable on to investors
Our team has achieved an excellent reputation for consistent investment outperformance through disciplined decision making, risk management and pro-active asset management skills.
Our Philosophy

The Foundation of Invested


Our pro-active approach in asset management creates consistent outperformance.


We make disciplined investment decisions which are reflected in our performance.


Our executive partners have on average 5+ years’ experience in the property market.

Smaller focused teams

We believe that smaller highly focused teams outperform larger firms.


Communication is critical for client relationships.

Quick and reliable

Our reputation for quick and reliable execution adds value.

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